Learning by Copying:  Making a Leather Tinder Pouch

Well, I’ve been YouTubing again – It’s such a dangerous hobby sometimes!  I’ve been watching my bushcraft hero, MCQ Bushcraft, and decided to try making his leather tinder pouch, which looks gorgeous!  Is it practical and useful in an every-day way?  Not really – not for me, at least.  But is it beautiful and super cool?  Heck yes!

I’m not sure where he obtains the actual leather but the ornamental pieces he uses tend to be sourced from the forest, by using natural red deer antler, bone, etc.  Me, I sourced all my materials from the urban jungle…and made a trip to Dressew.

Ta da!!  Here it is:

finished product 2.jpg

I was surprised at how simple and quick it was to make.  The materials cost me less than $10 altogether.  This is everything I used:

tinder pouch supplies.jpg
1. scrap of leather  2.  leather lacing  3.  stone beads  4.  leather punch  5.  pen / chalk to mark the leather

I just followed his instructions…cut out a circle of leather.  Punched holes evenly around the circumference.  Threaded the lacing through, then created a stopper by using a small square of leather and a couple of beads, like so:

Next, to learn and gather natural tinders to store in my brand new leather tinder pouch!



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