Outdoor Gear for FREE?! Camp Hacks: Repurposing Your Garbage

Just thought I’d share a couple of super cheap camping / hiking items that I’ve found very helpful.  Can’t take credit for inventing these camp hacks, as I copied a friend (thanks, Ann!) and I also copied good ol’ YouTube.

I call these camping / hiking items my ‘garbage gear,’ because they were literally on their way into the garbage when I ‘saved’ them and turned them into valuable pieces of kit.

1. Any empty plastic pouch

This is a GREAT tip for anyone who uses a Sawyer Mini or Sawyer Squeeze water filtration system.  It can be really difficult to fill the Sawyer Squeeze pouches at a lake/river.  They tend to collapse because of their narrow opening.  So instead, I now use this other plastic pouch that I cut in half, which can easily scoop up the water.  Then I pour the water directly into the Sawyer Squeeze pouch for filtration.  The great thing about using this piece of ‘garbage gear’ is it’s collapsible and easy to pack, it’s ultra-lightweight and it feels pretty durable.  And on top of that, it was FREE!

2. Insulation from a disposable cooler

I tried using this as a sit pad and it’s surprisingly comfortable!  It’s covered in reflective material so it does provide some heat-reflection when it’s cold.  It’s also filled with bubble wrap inside, so it provides cushioning and some insulation from the cold, hard ground when kneeling or sitting.  On top of that, it’s very lightweight and packable.  Another handy kit item that costs zero dollars.

Camp hack: My $0 sit pad made from cooler insulation

So the moral of the story is…I’m cheap! Why buy gear if you can find something at home that works just as well?


2 Replies to “Outdoor Gear for FREE?! Camp Hacks: Repurposing Your Garbage”

  1. Great! 🙂 “Why buy gear if you can find something at home that works just as well?” I’m with you here. Not least because it’s also a sustainability thing. 🙂


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