Backroads Car Camping on the Lake

I’ve been doing a lot of “wild-camping” trips lately – minimalist camping with no chairs, walking / hiking in through brush, sleeping on un-even, rocky surfaces…it was time for some EASY camping.  I just got back from a fantastic car-camping weekend with friends.

It was so nice getting on the road at 8am on a weekday, knowing that everyone else on the road is probably headed to work…but not us!  We were headed to the lake for some lazing around in the sun.

We had our paddleboards, tent, hammock, sunscreen, icey cold drinks and a smorgasbord of camping foods (which invariably includes chocolate and potato chips).  The drive was long down a bumpy, dusty forest service road.  But this destination was well worth it!

Our campsite on the lake

Felt so lucky to have this in our backyard.  Sometimes I think living in the pacific northwest has spoiled me.  I now have very high standards of what natural wonder / beauty is.  I once went somewhere and was recommended by locals to see a beautiful lake, and when I got there, I thought “This?  This is a lake?”  It was…very small…a cute “lake.”  Where I live…large pristine lakes, wide open ocean, high mountain peaks, lush forests, and rocky, rugged coastline is everyday for us.  Like I said – we are very lucky.

We get to do things like this:

Stand Up Paddleboarding on the lake

And see things like this:

Beautiful Pacific Northwest:  Do you know how many times I took this photo?!  I have a million photos that look almost identical, because every other second, it just seemed too crazy-beautiful – and I just had to try to capture it!

And although I say I’m spoiled, I won’t deny that a scene like this still makes my heart swell.

We paddled.  We ate.  We laughed and talked.  We laid by the fire.  And repeated it again the next day.  What a hard life.  Sigh.

Sunset at camp



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