“Who is the wimpy camper?”

Me!  I am!  I’m Michelle and I’m a 32 year old west coaster based out of Vancouver, Canada. I hike and camp and am starting to learn about wilderness survival / bushcraft. Now hold on a minute!  I’m not your typical fearless outdoors adventurer.  I’m actually a city girl and kind of wimpy.  Oh, did my pictures fool you? You should see what happens behind the scenes.

I’m actually super scared of bears. And of the dark. And of getting lost in the woods! Plus, I’m allergic to most nature. I have to take a lot of medication to enjoy the outdoors.

So this is my blog to prove to all of you ambivalent, uncertain adventurers that Yes!  We can do this!  Just pack lots of bug spray, kleenex, allergy medication and nothing can stop us!

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